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Steel Vengeance

Outlaws Blackjack, Chess and Digger have returned to Frontier Town to reclaim what had been taken by Maverick years before. And they came back with a vengeance. Their creation was so bold that it created a new category of roller coaster: the hyper-hybrid. Steel Vengeance opened as an unmatched world-record breaker with some serious stats: 205 feet tall, 74 miles per hour, longest hybrid coaster in the world at 5,740 feet and almost 30 seconds of airtime - the most airtime on ANY roller coaster in the world - along with twists, turns and close calls during the 2 minute, 30 second ride. Drop 200 feet at 90 degrees and topple through 4 head-over-boots inversions through wood, steel and mayhem. Saddle up for the ride of your life and try to keep your wits about you. Cedar Point's roller coaster legacy continues...Frontier Town will never be the same.

高度要求: 52” minimum

To provide increased ride capacity and shorter wait times, hats, bags, purses and other loose articles may not be taken into the queue at Steel Vengeance. Unsecured articles must be left with a non-rider or placed in a locker near the ride entrance. All riders must go through metal detectors, any and all small loose articles must be placed in the lockers located inside the queue prior to boarding ride.

205 FT
74 MPH

Rider Safety Information

Min Height
  • A high-speed hyper-hybrid roller coaster turning riders upside down four times. Riders will experience high accelerations, weightlessness, and changes in the longitudinal, lateral, and vertical directions.
  • An individual lap bar and seatbelt secures each rider across the thighs and pelvis, additional padding constrains both legs across the shins. Feet must be below the shin bar at all times while riding.
  • Due to the nature of the restraint, this ride may not accommodate guests of a larger size. A test seat is located at the ride entrance which can be used to ensure proper fit and comfort prior to waiting in line.

  • Guests must have a minimum of three functioning extremities; one functioning arm and two functioning legs (including feet).
  • Guests with a cervical collar, neck brace, broken collar bone, full arm cast, braced arm cast, or full leg cast are not permitted to ride. Lower body casts (foot, lower leg, etc.) are not permitted on this ride.
  • Prosthetics are not permitted on this ride. Guests with any prosthesis must consult with Guest Services or Frontier Town Guest Services prior to waiting in line or riding.
  • Alternate access is available at the ride exit. Riders will have to transfer into the seat, on their own or with the assistance of a companion. To facilitate boarding, a row with a larger opening is available upon request. Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering and exiting, as they will shift.
  • A wheelchair lift is available to transport guests from the exit to the ride platform. Please use the phone at the base of the lift to request assistance. Limit one rider in wheelchair and one companion in lift at a time.
  • Please do not use the ride restraints for support while entering and exiting, as they will shift.
  • NOTE: Loose articles may not be left on the platform. They may either be left with a non-rider or be placed in lockers for storage.
  • NOTE: Glasses may only be worn on this attraction if they are secured with an athletic strap. Glasses may not be held in the hands of riders while riding.
  • WARNING: This ride utilizes magnetic systems during the ride.
  • WARNING: This ride contains strobe lighting.
  • WARNING: This ride requires guests to pass through metal detection prior to being allowed on the loading platform.
  • Visit our Guest Assistance page for additional Accessibility information.